Allow us to enhance your special day

We are aware that a wedding day is an important event in anyones life, and we treat it with the reverence and prestige the event deserves. Most people only do this once, hence it has to be right. Bt cater for all musical tastes and try to accommodate the special things on the day, maybe a first dance, a brides dance with her father, that special song all your mates know and brings back the memories.

Our shows always look like a disco, and unlike other companies, we work on a value for money ethic. The prices reflect the djs time, the size of room and show and any extra equipment required.

We take the information you give to suit the best dj to your function, for example, it would be no use supplying a party dj to a wedding couple who have a punk wedding. It is as important to us as it is to you, to get the day right, so you and your guests have a memorable day for all the right reasons.

We have experience since 1992 in providing the right service to the couples of the uk.

Enquire online to make contact, our courtesy call will follow with your quote, and we send a booking form to you when you book.

Its as easy as that to book the disco for your special day.